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TEMPLANZA LIVE is a name of this equally innovative and singular proposal in which the music and the avant-garde shake hands to create unique and smart sound signature. Apart from the alias and set-up full of science fiction. When music and technology get together. For them Templanza has developed a one-of-a-kind technology for creating music: a helmet of a marked futuristic aesthetic that works as a neuronal controller, the D-Prototype.

Neurocontrollers & Cuantic energy

This tool has become an iconic trademark of an artist who has emerged from several polygonal forms into the humanoid form that he is currently showing. Dynamism, transgression and darkness are just some of the characteristics of this unusual electronic concept that was developed by Templanza in his productions, and most important, in his spectacular lives.


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By the way, its creator is Danniel Selfmade.

Templanza has put all his energy and knowledge into developing the helmet…and by doing so, he surely raised the bet on the integration of the last technology with the avant-garde electronic music in a live format.

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"Music With The Mind"

The Another Music Form of Danniel Selfmade.